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Outdoor Media

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home advertising (OOH), is advertising that reaches consumers when they are outside of their homes. 

Types of Outdoor Advertising

The most commonly known type of outdoor advertising is the billboard. Common forms of outdoor advertising today fall into three categories:

Lean East - NHS - 48 Sheet Bill Board -  Walker, Newcastle.jpg

Billboard Advertising

Most people are familiar with billboard advertising, regardless of where they live or travel. Billboards are placed next to high-traffic roads as well as along less-travelled roads in non-urban areas. Drivers see them almost anywhere because they are an efficient and cost-effective means of communicating information that is geographically important – the location of the closest chain fast food restaurant on that route, the nearest place of interest, sports arenas at the next exit etc.

Bellway - Kiosk Campaign.jpg

Street Furniture

“Street furniture” applies to bus shelters, litter bins, public information posters, lamp post posters and telephone kiosks, among others.

Northumberland National Park Taxi Campaign - Millennium Bridge.jpg


Ads on the sides of buses are the most common form of transit outdoor advertising, but outdoor advertising is common in train stations and within train carriages, external and within taxis, along airport walkways and vinyl wrapped around vehicles.

Please note - Outdoor Media availability is always in high-demand and this can change by the hour. The sooner you can option/reserve your media, the less chance you have of losing sites for your preferred dates. Artwork specifications and deadlines for all outdoor media types are available upon request.

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