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Promotional Merchandise

Compared to other forms of advertising, promotional items will give you a lot of bang for your buck. Manufacturers keep prices of the promotional products low for mass distribution, but the impact is high on the recipients. Most consumers will save and use these items for about six months, then pass them on to someone else, reducing the cost per impression.

Branded merchandise can be as much as 66% more cost-effective per impression than conventional forms of advertising, such as newspaper, TV and magazine advertisements.

Send your logo to us or message as a high-res jpeg, ai, eps or vector file and we’ll supply you with a FREE customised catalogue, jam packed with innovative and low-cost products and clothing suggestions. Need to see your logo or message on a product or item of clothing? Request a FREE design mock-up, with a same day turnaround. Some people just need to see or feel products and clothing items up close and personal before making a purchase... Simply request your FREE sample(s) today, with fast and efficient delivery times.

Found it online? Contact us as there’s a very good chance that we can supply it at a lower cost to you

Calling all #CHARITIES

We work with countless charities throughout the UK, here are just a few of them....

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