• It generates lots of impressions. Picture this: Your branded message on the side of a building that sees heavy footfall or slow moving commuter traffic every day.

  • It’s cost-effective. OOH advertising has some of the lowest CPM rates in advertising.

  • It increases the impact of online advertising. Actually, OOH strengthens other form of advertising by extending the reach of online, TV, and radio campaigns.

  • It’s fast. Because you can capture an audience where they wait for the bus, work, shop, or congregate at night; you’re capturing their attention the instant your ad goes up.

  • It’s highly targeted. By carefully researching the right environment for your OOH, you have the ability to choose a highly targeted audience for your campaign.

  • It’s visually very exciting. Whether it’s a train station poster, a bus shelter poster, or a digital billboard, outdoor advertising has the potential to deliver powerful impact.

  • It’s attention-grabbing. OOH advertising includes not just billboard posters but also telephone kiosks, ad vans and panels inside of shopping centres, sports stadiums, airports etc… places that are bound to get noticed when covered with your branded message.